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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

Note:  If you have not passed away, you are NOT allowed to be on this list!  We rely on names and information from public records and classmates.

Please contact us ASAP if you see a mistake.

A few souls from our school days have passed on.  We all shared
a common growing experience and miss those that have departed. 
- Our list grows long too soon. -

34 Deceased Classmates

In memory of the following classmates that have passed away:

Our Classmate (Photo) Click for More Information Date
 Mark W. Allen Industrial Accident 2011
 Rebecca Ann Baker Diabetes 1989
 David Peter Barsness Auto Accident 1968
 Richard G. Berg Drowning 1973
 Gerald Francis Berthiaume Drowning ?
 Jim P. Bowman Effects of Chemicals 1985
 Chris Willian Brownlie Disease 1989
 Austin F. Burgi Unknown 2015
 Larry John Carlston Leukemia 2013
 Martha Jeanne Conrad Cancer 2008
 Janeth Leigh Cotter Cancer 2017
 (John) Scott Elverhaug Airplane Crash 1968
 Gregory James Etzel Cancer 2002
 Steven John Frahm Construction Accident 1982
 Harvey Freund Heart Attack 1996
 Janis Gredzens Disease ?
 Michael Arthur Gustafson Kidney Failure 2005
 Gigi V. Haglund Cancer 2018
 Brian Keith Johnson ATV Accident 2013
 Michael Steven Jones Pulmonary Embolism 2015
 Nancy Lynn Heinitz Cancer 2014
 Vicki Lynn Jorgenson Lung Cancer 2011
 Suzan Lepowsky (Iversen) Lung Cancer 2010
 Mark Mason Lundberg Effects of Chemicals 2002
 Mike Nielsen Depression 1967
 Patricia Ann O'Dea Alzheimers 2017
 Marlene J. Rolfsen Cancer 2017
 James Elmer Shenk Surgical Complications 1971
 James Brian Squiers Effects of Chemicals 2007
 John Louis Stowe Heart Attack 2007
 David Dennis Streich Leukemia 2002
 Janet Grace Swanson (Gianotti) Cancer 2007
 David VanVleet (classmate thru 1966) C.O.P.D. 2013
 Marjorie Ann Vieregge (Kirwin) Colon Cancer 1989


Any information, except an obituary, is "unofficial".  Sources include:

1:  Classmates
2:  Newspapers
3:  Public Records


Last Update June 01, 2018
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